Fundraising Tips

After you sign up, create your profile!
We didn't invest in a state-of-the-art website for nothin'. Use it! It's for you! The best fundraisers are the ones that can tell the best story. Upload a photo and share your story on why you're going through all the trouble to raise money and people will be much more inclined to take the time to donate. Explain that 100% of every donation goes towards cancer research! Once your profile is set up, explore the marketing tools that PTC has provided. From a Facebook timeline banner where you can brag the number of miles you're riding to sample fundraising letters and tips, half the work is already done for you!
Share your PTC profile through social media.
If you haven't noticed that Facebook and Twitter have taken over the world, you clearly have been living in a cave. Use these powerful, idea-spreading tools to your advantage and post a link to your PTC profile. That way, all of your friends and relatives have easy access to your page to donate! Utilize the Facebook and Twitter badges and banners to for additional promotion through your social media.
Talk to the people who previously donated to you.
There is a great tool on our website that shows you all of your donors from previous years (and the current year, too). You'll be able to see how much they've donated and their contact information. Log into your profile and click on "Tools", and then click on the year of donors you're looking for, whether that is 2011, 2012, or current. This will only appear for returning riders -- you newbies can reap the benefits of this next year. Start by contacting the biggest donors first and work your way down.
Customize your email signature.
Adding a link on your email signature is a great way to get the word out to your network that you're raising money for PTC. Create a hyperlink in your signature by right-clicking a highlighted word or phrase such as "Donate to my ride" or "Help me raise money for cancer research" that links to your PTC profile. Check out the customized signatures in the Marketing Toolkit on your profile.
Have fun with it! Throw a fundraiser event.
You have the choice to make fundraising boring and tedious or fun and easy. Help yourself out and make it social by gathering your friends together for a fundraiser. Happy hours, trivia nights, garage sales and bake sales are common endeavors, but the sky is the limit! Let your creativity run wild-- the amount of money you raise may surprise you! Utilize our third party fundraiser form and let us help you promote your event.
Use corporate matches and double your donations.
Many companies have a matching gifts program to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Some of these programs will match donations dollar-for-dollar and some will even triple the amount of your gift! Ask your Human Resources department if your company matches gifts. If they do, make sure to submit any paperwork early so you can get your match before our fundraising deadline.
Start NOW.
If you were one of the smart ones that took advantage of our Early Bird Special, good for you! Now you have the chance to start your fundraising early and rake in more donations. Another reason to start early? St. Louis is a pretty small community so get to your donors first before someone else does! Need help thinking of who to ask? Take a look at our "Who do I ask?" worksheet to spark some ideas.
Don't stop when you hit your minimum - challenge yourself to be a Yellow Jersey!
Being good at fundraising can be just as thrilling as being good at cycling! Step up your fundraising and be a part of the exclusive club of awesome fundraisers-- or Yellow Jerseys--that raise $2,500+ for cancer research. Benefits of being a Yellow Jersey include a custom gift, a celebration party and, of course, great feelings of pride and accomplishment!
Perseverance is key.
People get busy. You know what it's like: people mean to donate but they just never get around to it. If someone you asked still hasn't donated, try asking again. More likely than not, they simply forgot to do it and would be happy to help you reach your goal.
Don't forget to thank your donors!
This is an important one. Always take the time to thank each and every person that helped you reach your goal. Not only is this the polite thing to do, but it will help you win them over again next year. Go to "Your Donations" under "Tools" in your profile to view your donors and their contact information. One thing you can add to your thank-you is an example of some of the cancer research projects PTC is funding. People love to see how their donation is making a difference. Have them check out the Research Projects page on our website and you can view all of the projects that PTC has funded thus far.