Ride For a Child

Ride for a Child at St. Louis Children's Hospital

In partnership with St. Louis Children's Hospital, the Ride for a Child Program enables teams to train, fundraise and ride in honor of a child who is undergoing treatment for cancer at St. Louis Children's Hospital. For teams, the program provides the opportunity to meet with their child and family and utilize their story to fundraise. For participating children, this program provides a sense of support and encouragement, and serves as a fun distraction from their treatments.

Ride for a Child is a truly memorable and meaningful experience for participants. A connection is built between teams and children and their families through pre-event activities and a special area for teams and families on PTC weekend, with many teams and families staying in touch long after the event.

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Want to Ride for a Child?

Great! Here are a few requirements for participating teams:

  • Team must have 10+ members
  • Enthusiasm and engagement in the program (attend all Ride for a Child events, communicate with the child and family before and during event, do something nice for the child — a gift, experience, etc.)
  • Team representatives must attend the Ride for a Child picnic.

Contact Ashley Conine, at ashley@pedalthecause.org, to inquire about available Ride for a Child team openings.

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