Julie Frank

I've raised: $3,595.00
Lifetime fundraising total: $11,425.00
I'm riding: 50 Mile Ride
My Team: Team Victoria
My ID: 295
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Why I Ride

This year will mark my 5th year riding in Pedal The Cause. As many of you know my cousin Victoria Drier has been fighting a brain tumor since she was 16 years old. Now at the age of 25, she is still fighting with this stubborn tumor with everything she has including the determination that she is going to take this tumor down with all the knock out punches she can throw at it. In the meantime Victoria and her family need all the support they can get. Victoria did ride in PTC for the first time last year, feeling well enough to complete 12.5 miles. That was a victory in itself!

This year I plan on riding 50 miles, my third time at that distance but I need your support to give me that motivation to get in shape to complete that distance. I'm one to not commit to something unless I can complete the task at hand. The route has changed to begin and end out in Chesterfield and I know there are some challenging hills so I am sure I will have my ups and downs, hills that is!

Please support me in this great cause. This year I am getting an early start with my fund-raising for my new goal is to raise $5000, double of what I have raised in the past. If you could support me with whatever you are comfortable with that would make my day for every dollar adds up.

If you are interested, come join our team. If you can ride a bike you can do PTC. They have varied distances from short rides 12.5 miles to 100 miles if you are up to it.

Thank you again for your continued support,

My Donations

Date Donor Amount
10/02/2015 Ellen Dubinsky $25.00
09/21/2015 cgmerkel $100.00
09/14/2015 Sheldon Frank $20.00
09/14/2015 Cindy Maritz $100.00
09/13/2015 Silly Tillie Frank $50.00
09/09/2015 The Orthweins $100.00
09/07/2015 Benjamin Frank $200.00
09/04/2015 Ellen and Sanford Weiss $50.00
09/02/2015 Lori Harris $50.00
08/30/2015 Linda Hyken $100.00
08/30/2015 Susie and Sam Luten $100.00
08/29/2015 $25.00
08/27/2015 Anonymous $100.00
08/27/2015 Anonymous $100.00
08/26/2015 The Kastan Family $100.00
08/25/2015 bry $75.00
08/24/2015 barbara lowenbaum $50.00
08/23/2015 Shafers $50.00
08/23/2015 Anonymous $25.00
08/23/2015 Bud Kolbrener $250.00
08/22/2015 Anonymous $25.00
08/20/2015 Dean Williams $50.00
08/17/2015 Ellen Schapiro & Gerald Axelbaum $200.00
08/17/2015 Laren Ukman $150.00
08/16/2015 Brother Bob $250.00
08/14/2015 nora stern $50.00
08/14/2015 Barbara Smith $50.00
08/14/2015 Gloria Schlossenberg $50.00
08/13/2015 Swanky Frank $500.00
08/13/2015 Ginger & Terry Kurten & Family $50.00
08/11/2015 J.V. Seibel & Sons, INC. $100.00
08/11/2015 Jane Schapiro & Scott Brown $200.00
08/11/2015 Anonymous[check pledged] $100.00
08/11/2015 Lesa Ukman $250.00