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There are a few things that you will instantly learn when meeting 8-year-old Ashley Beisiegel for the first time: her curls are natural, she loves playing soccer and her favorite singer is Taylor Swift. However, what you may not find out right away is that Ashley is a three-time cancer survivor. In September 2009, doctors at St. Louis Children's Hospital diagnosed Ashley with anaplastic large cell lymphoma. It was a shock to the entire Beisiegel family, which includes mom April, dad Paul and younger sister Lauren. April and Paul learned that even though this type of cancer is rare, there was a 90% cure rate. Ashley completed her first course of treatment in August 2010, finishing just in time to begin Kindergarten. Her family was thrilled. But once Ashley started school, she became increasingly lethargic. Then in early September, results from a scan showed an area of concern in her chest. Two weeks, later there was a lump in her neck. Doctors confirmed she had relapsed. Ashley's team at Children's Hospital started her on a stronger chemotherapy treatment to prepare her for a stem cell transplant. A few months later, April and Paul received the devastating news that Ashley had relapsed for a third time. No conventional drugs were working against the lymphoma. The Beisiegel family, who call Freeburg, Illinois home, trusted the team at Children's Hospital to find an alternative to save Ashley. She qualified for a clinical trial and responded well to the trial drug. Today, because of the hard work and research of doctors and staff at St. Louis Children's Hospital, Ashley is in remission with a bright future ahead of her. Funds raised through Pedal the Cause support pediatric cancer research at St. Louis Children's Hospital, which will lead to improved diagnostics and therapies for children with cancer. Learn more about Ashley!

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